KROQ Epicenter Twenty-Ten: Blink 182

Last night, a good chunk of people left after Eminem was done, but tonight was not the case. Once Rise Against was finished up, most everyone stuck around for Sunday’s headliner, Blink-182. They took the stage in a similar fashion as their live album, The Mark, Tom and Travis Show, starting the show off with “Dumpweed.”

“ There’s no place we’d rather be than here in SoCal and with KROQ.
” Blink 182’s Tom Delonge

They segued right into “Feeling This” and had everyone singing along with every word of the song. Next came a song that I thought would be played later, “The Rock Show,” and all the girls around me started freaking out.

By this time I’d found a spot in the KROQ backstage viewing area, where I found myself next to one of the guitarists from A Day To Remember. He declined the beer I offered him, but it was cool seeing guys from other bands coming out and checking out this exclusive performance.

After a brief pause, they got right in to “What’s My Age Again,” which was followed by a small drum solo by Travis Barker as they went into “Violence.” Then they slowed things down a bit and began playing “I Miss You,” with Barker holding down the drum beat.

“This is the last concert we’re playing before we go into the studio,” said guitarist Tom Delonge. “There’s no place we’d rather be than here in SoCal and with KROQ.” It was great hearing the love not only from the band, but from the crowd as well. They went crazy when Mark mentioned KROQ and a sense of pride swept over me after seeing the reaction from the masses.

“Stay Together For The Kids” was next up, and Travis had a part during it where the jumbo screen was on him and he was playing his part with his head tilted back and eyes closed. It’s amazing how talented Travis really is. He adds drum rolls in that don’t show up on their albums, and he executes them perfectly every time.

I looked over and saw a guy holding a baby, who was fast asleep with a pair of Beats By Dre headphones in his arms. I couldn’t help but laugh, but then my attention went back on Blink when Tom said, “This one’s about falling in love” and jumped into “Always.”

Next they played “Stockholm Syndrome” and “First Date,” and ended it by saying, “Let’s make this show last forever, because it’s the last one for the next year,” then went right in to “Man Overboard.” They went into a faster song next with “Don’t Leave Me” and finished out the rest of their set with “All The Small Things,” “Reckless Abandon,” “Josie” and “Anthem Part 2.” Then a huge set of curtains came down over the front of the stage.

A bunch of guys by me started a chant, yelling “one more song!” over and over until the curtains raised. Next thing you know, the curtains are being raised and you suddenly see Travis sitting at his drums, strapped down to his seat. His set elevated up into the air and began spinning and flipping, all while Travis kept a perfect beat. After a few minutes of him jamming out, he was rejoined by Mark and Tom on stage as they went into “Carousel,” during which Tom exclaimed, “We’ll see you next year with a new album and sh*t.”

The super familiar sound of the intro of “Dammit” rang out across the festival, and people started going berserk. It felt like the entire crowd was singing along word for word. As the song ended, a huge blast of confetti shot up over the crowd and they went into their dirty, short song “Family Reunion” to close out the show.

Blink-182 was a great way to close out the end of Epicenter Twenty-Ten. Fans seemed super stoked to see the trio back on stage together and playing in Travis’ hometown of Fontana. All of them seemed excited just to be playing for a SoCal crowd that endured countless hours of heat and exhaustion just to catch Blink, some for their first time.

Epicenter Twenty-Ten was awesome and this weekend has been nothing short of amazing. Thanks to everyone who came out or tuned in to the stream of the show.

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  1. no name Says:

    Love this concert!!!!

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